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Icons in web-design

In this article you'll get to know:

  • What is an icon
  • What styles of icons exist
  • Important rules about icons on your web-site
  • Where to apply them
  • Why they should be applied
  • What icons are now in trend in 2017


An icon is an element of graphic interface

The visual image which briefly conveys the essence of the certain part of the text content.

The simplest and most effective way to enter the user in the content of your web-site and attract attention is to use icons.


What styles of icons exist?

  • 3D Icons

  • Flat, colored icons

  • Icon line art - technology of drawing by contours. People are called them "contour icons"

  • Icons in Flat style

  • Icons colored solid or gradient

  • "Living" gif icons

Where to apply icons?

Describing your arguments why your service or a product should be chosen by potential client among competitors, do not forget to brighten up the information with icons.

The visual image will help to better represent your advantages which will undoubtedly affect the final decision to choose you among other options.


Simplicity and efficiency

With the help of quality icons you will draw attention to your content. Use icons to enter a user into the content of your web-site. They simplify the perception of information, visually describing the essence of the presented content.

Awakened icons

Using animated icons are in trend now. These are the most advanced icons in our time. 

What kinds of animation for icons can we use?

  • animation when targeting;

For example, when you hover over a static icon, it starts moving, creating visual images, this will make the site more alive and will "hook" your user on the web-site.

View an example

  • animation with scrolls;

For example, you are flipping the site down here are icons but instead of a simple appearance, they gradually appear from the lines.

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