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Choosing a web-studio!

Every time you buy something, order something you have a choice problem, asking yourself many times the question "Why should I choose this or that product, service?". Nothing changes when choosing a company to develop a web-site, the same question arises and there is also a problem of choice!

And then the most interesting! What categories do you use when choosing? Often, such categories as company name, age, experience, good portfolio, reviews, for which companies, brands work was done, ask for recommendations from friends in this field of activity, etc.

What do you get as a result? It's easy: the first is a terrible story that everything is very difficult, you get some terrible words as "BRIF" or "RS", which you need to fill in! You are told about the complex process of design development, layout and program part of the site in which a whole horde of designers, imposers and developers participates. And at the same time all stretches on long distance by a term in a few months! Well and accordingly, for all this pleasure you will have to lay out a tidy sum! :-)

And even after such fun, it all only begins! It would seem, a project is handed over, but no, so-called "BAGI" arise (errors not taken into account in the development). Why do they arise? It is not a subject of our conversation. In simple words, you are pulled out of money! Yes, according to such scheme about 80% of web-studios work for a post the Soviet space! You can ask questions "Where does such a bold statement come from?" "Where does the information come from?".

Having enought work experience, longer than 10 years in the field of information technology, I can safely say that this is how it all happens! Such is tactics and strategy of most web-studios!

And how do we work? Not like everyone else?

Of course NOT!!!

We offer you "The alternative solution in development" of your future web-product! You ask: WHAT is this? HOW it?

We have nothing to hide! We immediately say how things really are !!!

  1. We fill in the "BRIF" for developing the web-site ourselves, based on your requirements and desires, beforehand conducting questioning with you!
  2. We make the plan of works with the indication of terms for each point.
  3. We analyze the competitive environment of subject of your future web-site.
  4. Based on the competitive environment and requirement specification we compose the structure and draw the design.
  5. After you have approved the structure and design, we make adaptive layout (allows you to use your web-site on any device, your site adapts to a personal computer, tablet and mobile phone.)
  6. We correctly design the site software that provides: data security, multifunctionality, dynamism in site management (we connect the administrative control unit) as well as easy use and management! What is not less important !!!
  7. We fill in the catalogs of your web-site as necessary.
  8. We test and eliminate "BUGS" (mistakes and defects).
  9. We do assembling of semantic kernel (internal searching optimization).
  10. Delivery of a full-fledged working web product!

At the request of the customer we also perform SEO optimization (external site promotion)!

We will do everything for you! You as a viewer, will only observe!

We are fully responsible from the very beginning of development until the moment you approve each of the points before the delivery of the project!

At the development stages we correct in the right direction, preliminary consulting with the customer, in other words, with you!

At your request we take on administration and maintenance!

Also redesign and modernization of your site is provided!

In the final result, you clearly understand what product on the output you will get! And in what terms !!!


Thank you for attention!

Leonid Kachulyak
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