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Brief and requirement specification for development of the website

What is a brief?

Brief (for development of the website) is a text document whose task is to answer key questions about the project, before starting work. Helps customers of the project more better and clearly to understand the project. Thanks to filling of a brief, the customer and the performer build mutual understandings of the project.


What means terms of reference?

The concept of terms of reference is ToR.

Terms of reference is a text document whose task is to describe the project in details: wishes on structure, design, functionality, perhaps, even according to content and SEO texts.


Who generally makes and actively uses a brief and ToR?

  • web studios

  • freelancers


What's the difference between a brief and ToR?

The filled brief answers the general questions, for example:

"Is the website single-page or multi-page?".

Because to the customer not necessarily to know about the "types of web-sites" then answering the question about single-page we can understand that this will be Landing Page (long, single-page site).

In the second case, we understand that we need to look at the brief:

"What is the main task of a web-site?".

If in the comment from the customer is something like that:

"Sale of decorative cosmetics". The website will sell that.

What's necessary to know above what project work will go:

"How can a user order a product?".

If the description is responsible through the call order than the manager takes all the information (address, determines the method of payment, etc.) and this type of site will be: a business card site or a corporate site.

And if responsible participation of onlinepayments is described, that is already full-fledged online store.
In the ToR, firstly, the conclusions coming from the brief are filled.

ToR is of great importance for site developers, all desires are already specified on a maximum and by volume of information, everything possible is collected in it and in "the enclosed materials: images, video and audio").

ToR helps all further changes from the customer to limit "redoing" as all wishes should already be agreed between the parties when drafting it.

The availability of ToR works much more efficiently at random, than long redoing and delaying the completion of work.


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