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Frequently asked questions

What is turnkey site development?

This service includes a full range of work to develop the site. Individual design taking into account usability, adaptive layout, which allows you to freely use your site on any device, admin control panel for site management, collecting semantic core, content filling. Additionally, we administer and also carry out external SEO optimization as well as contextual advertising.

How to create a web-design? Its components?

Design layout occurs in Adobe Photoshop. The executor is a web designer. After reviewing the specifications, the executor starts doing layout. Develops a prototype, structure. Matching the color palette of the site, important skill of the executor: knowledge of color theory, the ability to combine colors, contrasts and correctly set accents by using color. Selecting fonts for the web, but not all decorative fonts correctly display in the browser, so the knowledge of all technical features, typography plays an important role. An important stage for the site is selection of high quality images, icons, textures. Hierarchy creation and gradual presentation makes the site more practical, strict and correct. The expert carefully thinks through all the interaction of the user with the site solving user experience and creates a generic user interface. The complete source is saved in psd format.

What is adaptive layout?

Your site displays correctly on any device: phone, tablet, netbook, laptop, computer, large screen diagonal. It does not read the readability, quality images, logo. Your site is easy to use. Most people now go to sites via phone, it is necessary to provide potential customers with the opportunity easy and convenient to place an order or request a call back.

What is content management system integration?

This is an administrative unit, which allows you to dynamically change the contents of the site (descriptions, images, videos and others).

What is SEO?

Site optimization and proper extradition in search engines. The higher your position in search results the more potential customers visit your site.

What is content management?

Images of your products, description of goods/services of the company, advantages of the order you have, description of company/project and the like. High-quality, original content for your website will attract a new audience and potential customers.

What is administration?

We provide security and 24-hour monitoring of site uptime.

What is contextual advertising?

Quick start advertising company site, using AdWords tools and Yandex direct.

How long does it take to develop a website?

The development of the site depends on the type of site, the amount of content and functionality. The more complex the functionality, the more the site develops.

How much does it cost to develop a website?

The cost calculation is determined individually and depends on the type of site,the number and complexity of functionality and additional non-standard tasks.

Who needs the website?

Companies. It'll strengthen the reputation, increase Internet sales and attract new customers. In modern realities without a website, any business loses the opportunity to grow and development. Individuals. It'll help to demonstrate themselves, increase their reputation, registration of own biography on the Internet will show works and services on the Internet.

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