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“Alternative solutions development sites” - promising developing team of professionals in the field of WEB technologies!
By ordering site development from us you'll receive modern, functional WEB product in the shortest amount of time that will position you for many others, in the world of the Internet, as well as, the front of your partners and competitors!
You just need to contact us, fill in the technical task together with us and designate the dates!
Everything else we'll do for you!

Our services

  • Website development

    Individual approach to each client

  • Web Design

    Your site will be recognizable and memorable

  • Adaptive layout

    Allows to use the site on any device

  • Content management system integration

    Manage your own site yourself

  • seo

    Raise the ranking of search engines

  • Filling content

    Fill the directories of your website for you

  • Administration

    Ensure safety and efficiency 24/7

  • Contextual advertising

    Quick start advertising campaign of your site

How we do it?

  1. Сlient's request

  2. Analysis and drafting of TS

  3. Design development

  4. Layout

  5. Software development

  6. Filling the site

  7. Testing and updating

  8. Search engine optimization

Our works

Customer reviews


Lexus rental for celebrations

Dmitriy, entrepreneur

Thanks a lot for your work! Responsibly approached the execution of all tasks, all wishes were taken into account and everything is done perfectly. No complaints, only positive impressions. Recommend!


Online shop "The Treasures Of The Ocean"

Konstantin Gavrilenko, entrepreneur

I have some business in the glorious city of Yalta. Decided to expand horizons and conquer the vast expanses of the Internet by my products. To tell the truth I do not understand anything in the Internet, all the more so in the Internet technologies. The company was found by my son. First of all, I'd like to mention about the simple and affordable way these guys explained everything. Really enjoyed interacting with the team in the process of developing! Adherence to deadlines, reporting on the development stages! Everything is clear and transparent! Fulfilled obligations in full as ordered! I want to emphasize that the team has very creative designer! The payment for the project was made in parts, which is very convenient for me as an entrepreneur!


Travel agency "BROADWAY"

Viktoriya Karnaukh, entrepreneur

Often, before starting developing the site, everyone is trying to dig a bunch of sources with reviews and to look through the works to be sure of the quality and price of the service. I got it all a lot easier, so I am very pleased. I learned about the company from my very good friend and realized that I do not want to spend time searching. When I was just thinking about creating a site, the company ... has already worked on its implementation. I want to point out a few important qualities that I identified during the development of the site: 1. Clarity and professionalism - absolutely the entire team communicates in plain language, it was important to me because I'm new to this business. 2.Customer focus - the company showed results every three days and provided a mini-report. 3. Speed - the site was delivered within the agreed terms and these terms are very short for me. 4. Quality - everything works correctly, quickly and easily. 5. Convenient payment method.



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+35 (840) 756-81-77


+35 (840) 756-81-77


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